7 Things You've Been Using Wrong Your Whole Life

Here is what you'll need!

1. A Chinese takeout container unfolds into a plate!
Remove the metal handle from the box, and unfold the tabs on either side. It will unfold into a convenient paper plate!

2. You probably don't realize it, but your pots come with built-in spoon rests.
Don’t rest your stirring spoon on the kitchen counter, it will only spread mess! Instead, put your spoon into the hole at the end of your pot handle.

3.You've been dispensing Tic Tacs the hard way.
You probably dispense your mints by furiously shaking the box upside down, only for a heap of them to spill out. Instead turn the box upside down, slowly open the lid, and then pull the box back. A single mint will be sitting in a tic tac-shaped groove inside the lid.

4. Play Doh is for cleaning wallpaper.
What now is an iconic, squishy, children's toy, was originally invented for the purpose of cleaning wallpaper.

5. Your bobby pins are on upside down
The correct way to wear a bobby pin is the flat side up for maximum hold!

6. Does your foil roll never stay in the box?
Most aluminum foil, plastic wrap, and kitchen paper rolls come with punch-in tabs on either sides of the box. The tabs hold the roller in place as you pull on your foil.

7. You're probably using the wrong plunger.
The classic brown suction cupped plunger is actually for clearing blockages in a sink, not your toilet! A toilet plunger has a double thrust force cup to help get deep down into the block and has extra force for tough clogs.

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