Dog Recycles, Picks Up Ocean Trash and More: Why We Recycle Compilation | The Dodo Top 5

Dog Helps Clean Up Ocean Trash | Special thanks to 4Ocean for this awesome footage! To learn more about their ocean clean-up efforts, visit:

Baby Snake Rescued From Can

People Find Opossum Tangled In Trash And Know Just What To Do
| To help Ringo's rescuers save more wildlife, you can support the Wild West Wildlife Rehabilitation Center:

Skunk Rescued From Yogurt Cup | To help this rescuer save more animals, you can support Wildlife Emergency Services:

This Is What Happens When There's Too Much Trash In Our Oceans |
To help support sea turtle conservation, please visit the Leatherback Trust:
Check out the Ocean Conservancy to learn how you can get involved with a local coastal cleanup:

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