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Dogs Discover Snow & Other Snow Animals Compilation | These dogs and a few other special animals are discovering and playing in snow just like we do!

Dogs Experience Snow for the First Time & More | Dogs Experiences Snow For The First Time
Credit: On Screen

Dog Sees Snow For The First Time, Tries To Eat It
Credit: Carla DeKalb via Storyful

Rescue Dogs Stampede Through The Snow | Keep up with these adorable pups on Instagram:

Horses Discover Snow — And Can't Get Enough
To sponsor the ongoing care of rescued horses like these, you can support the Duchess Sanctuary ( and the Stardust Animal Sanctuary: | Special thanks to the Humane Society of the United States:

Behold: A Train Of Pugs Traveling Through The Snow
Video Credit: Brave Bison

Rescue Pig Loves Her Winter Hat | To support the ongoing care of Esther the Wonder Pig in her new home, please visit the Happily Ever Esther Farm Sanctuary: Follow her new life on Facebook:

Dog Really Wants To Play Fetch...In The Snow
Credit: Adam Lowe via Storyful

Dogs Try On Snow Shoes, Totally Transform
Credit: On Screen

Seeing Snow For The First Time | | Special thanks to Kai Footikum for sharing their footage:

Panda Sees Snow And Completely Loses It
Credit: National Zoo

Happy Corgi Runs Through Snow

River Otter Loves To Slide In The Snow
Credit: Barrett Hedges via Storyful

Rescue Bears Eat Snow Popsicles |To help sponsor the ongoing care of these rescued bears, you can support Four Paws International: You can also sign their petition to free the remaining captive bears of Albania:

Rescued Pit Bulls Play In The Snow | Video by: Daniel Rodriguez de la Viuda | Video footage provided by: Alex Knappenberger |

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Dogs discover snow
Dog discovers snow
Dog sees snow
dog playing in snow

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