Star Wars Pets | The Dodo Episode Top 5

Star Wars Pets | Star Wars The Last Jedi comes out this week! Here are five furry creatures that love star wars...or at least have human companions do! Featuring:

Dog's Mom Designs Prosthetics And Wheelchair For Him
Check out this adorable special needs Akita pup on Instagram:

Cat Licks Her Tail Like A Weirdo
For more of this silly kitty, check her out on Facebook:, and Instagram:

Tiny Dog Knows Exactly How To Get Treats
Keep up with this adorable little Dachshund, Daisy Rey on Instagram: and Facebook:

Rescued Alpaca Is Living His Best Life
Check out silly Chewpaca the alpaca on Instagram:

2-Legged Cat Gets A Brother Just Like Him
For more of this special kitty, check him out On Facebook:, and Instagram: For artwork of Anakin and other cats done by his owner Carrie, visit:

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