VORTEX is a personal project by Tim Sessler, shot on the iPhone 8 and Freefly MoVI. Filmed within 48h in NYC.

Read more about the project on our blog: brooklynaerials.com/blog/

Edit & Sound Design || J.P. Damboragian || jpdamboragian.com
Music || Michael Marantz || michaelmarantz.com
Cello & Violin || Daniel Boventer || danielboventer.com
Production Support || Sam Hicks

Stabilization: Freefly MoVI (on Segway and wheelchair) gomovi.com
Camera: iPhone 8 with FilmicPro
Lens: Moment - New Wide Lens: shopmoment.com/shop/new-wide-lens

Special thanks to Tabb Firchau and the entire Freefly team, Sam Hicks, Cameron Michael, Victoria Rivera, Soren Nielsen and Autumn K Brookmire for all the support and thanks to Mishka Kornai for the inspiration!!

Cast: Tim Sessler, J.P. Damboragian, Michael Marantz, Freefly, BROOKLYN AERIALS, Moment, Sam Hicks and Daniel Boventer

Tags: Freefly, MoVI, handheld gimbal, Apple, iPhone, Shot on iPhone, iPhone 8, Moment lens, New Wide lens, NYC, New York, Manhattan, hyperlapse, Movilapse, Penn Station and Brooklyn Bridge

Source: , https://vimeo.com/channels/1341/245597164
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