Watch Baby Sea Turtles Run on Treadmills—for Science | National Geographic

Baby sea turtles undergo an arduous journey from the moment they hatch, crawling from their nest to the ocean. Scientists recently tested their endurance by employing an uncommon tactic .... tiny turtle treadmills.
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The reptiles use the bright horizon of the ocean to navigate to the water within 24 hours of hatching. But light pollution can disorient them, causing them to crawl the wrong way—sometimes for hours. The researchers wanted to see what affect time spent crawling on land had on the hatchlings’ swimming abilities. After crawling on the treadmill, the scientists tested the turtles' level of exhaustion they swam. Even after long periods of crawling, they could still swim for a two-hour test. Although the hatchlings aren’t tired when they reach the water, more time spent on the beach means more time for them to fall prey to hungry predators and other threats. All the turtles used for the study were eventually released back into the ocean in their native habitat.

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Watch Baby Sea Turtles Run on Treadmills—for Science | National Geographic

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