360/VR: Barbuda after the storm

For the first time in its recorded history, on Sept. 8, Barbuda became a deserted island. For evacuees, it was the beginning of a period of uncertainty. With 90% of the island’s infrastructure destroyed, trees knocked down and virgin beaches damaged, the government of Antigua & Barbuda estimated that reconstruction would cost between $200-$250 million, money it didn’t have.

Without inhabitants or infrastructure, Irma suddenly turned Barbuda into a blank canvas, giving rise to two competing visions for the future of the island. On one hand, the government wants Barbuda to become a more developed tourist destination, which would mean ending a traditional system of communal land ownership. But residents oppose that. They don’t want to give up their paradise.

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Source: Univision Noticias, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-Ozxq26bP8
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