Brain Surgery Helps a Rescued Fur Seal | National Geographic

A northern fur seal named Ziggy Star has undergone groundbreaking medical treatment.
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Ziggy arrived at Connecticut’s Mystic Aquarium after rescuers from The Marine Mammal Center found her stranded in the San Francisco Bay area. MRI scans showed a brain disorder causing seizures, preventing a return to the wild. Despite treatment, symptoms worsened and fluid filled her brain. Ane Uriarte of Tufts University developed a plan for surgery. Vets had treated fluid filling into the brain—hydrocephalus—in cats and dogs. But seals had never been treated for the condition. Veterinarian Jen Flower reports Ziggy Star is now eating and swimming normally at Mystic Aquarium, where she inspires much affection.

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Brain Surgery Helps a Rescued Fur Seal | National Geographic

National Geographic

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