Damming the Nile in 360 Video: Episode 2 - BBC News

For millennia, Egypt has been the great power on the Nile, but Ethiopia’s new dam is changing the balance of power on this great river. Sudan finds itself in the middle of the tussle, welcoming the cheap power and reduced flooding the dam will provide. In part two of the BBC News Virtual Reality documentary series “Damming The Nile,” viewers will be transported to the great farming projects of Sudan, taken to meet the country’s richest man, and join the discussion at a Khartoum street café. After a flying visit to a festival on the banks of the Nile, you will explore ancient Sudanese pyramids before launching in a balloon over Luxor – Egypt’s historic valley – to find out how much this river means to the land of the pharaohs. You’ll hear tough talk from a minister in Cairo over the Ethiopian dam, and fear in the Delta where farmers and fishermen will lose their livelihoods if the water level falls.

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Source: BBC News, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqk6Oy1jUMk
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