This "Robo-Dog" Could One Day Be an Ocean Explorer | National Geographic

A newly-designed robot walks along the seafloor like an animal carrying cargo, and could offer new options for aquatic research.
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National Geographic Explorer Marcello Calisti heads the SILVER Project (Seabed-Interaction Legged Vehicle for Exploration and Research), and his team recently completed a field trial for their invention off the coast of Italy's island of Elba. The robot can walk or crawl for precise movement in delicate conditions. And for hops and jumps in broader areas, Calisti's team designed a spring-loaded mechanism. Taking images in a fixed location with the SILVER takes less energy with a walking robot than with a submarine-like drone. Long-exposure images without background blurring demonstrate stability. Calisti sees SILVER as a tool for various disciplines. Uses could include counting sea life populations and collecting samples from the seafloor.

This "Robo-Dog" Could One Day Be an Ocean Explorer | National Geographic

National Geographic

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