As sea levels rise, Bangladeshi islanders must decide between keeping the water out—or letting it in

In flood-prone Bangladesh, resilience can mean letting water have its way. Learn more:

Nguyên Khôi Nguyên

supervising producer/script
Sarah Crespi

original story/interviewee
Warren Cornwall

photo editor
Bill Douthitt

Tanmoy Bhaduri, Warren Cornwall

interview textiles background
Monica Jahan Bose

cyclone Aila
Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response Team,
Goddard Space Flight Center

satellite maps Google Earth

Bangladesh polders map
J. You/Science
adapted from
The Center for Environmental and Geographic Information Services

Polder and controlled flooding 3D models/illustration
V. Altounian/Science

Beel Bhaina and Dakatia Map
Martijn van Staveren, Loek Weijts

“Lumified," "Agua madrugada” by David Schulman

"A Ghrà" by Damiano Baldoni
CC BY 4.0,

Source: Science Magazine,
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