Moscow moves

Moscow is an unusual city, it's really huge and has different shapes. The city with so many stereotypes that are often spoken about it. The city that is easy to overestimate and underestimate at the same time.
I tried to avoid favourite tourist clich├ęs (though not without some), catching with camera what is usually missing in the regular timelapse videos - the true rhythm and the flow of the city.
It is impossible to do it in just 2 minutes, it's just a little piece of what you can see there.

Filmed with Canon 6D and 5D IV.
Sound recorded with Zoom.

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Cast: Alex Soloviev

Tags: msk, slowmotion, moscow, canon, timelapse, russia, motion, zhiyun, hyperlapse, flow, 5d, documentary, travel, trip, 6d, tamron and city

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