South Korean retirees find a 'playground' in daytime discos

In daytime discos known as 'colatecs', South Korea's retireees are finding a space to relax, exercise and have fun after decades of hard work.

In the back streets of South Korea's capital Seoul, a new kind of club is booming.

But this isn't the wee hours of a Sunday morning - this dance floor is packed in the middle of a weekday.


"I worked for 30 years. When I was young, I earned money, so now I have to relax. That's why I do this as an exercise."

These retiree dancers are young at heart and members of one of the world's fastest ageing populations.

Colatecs sprang up in the late 1990s as a no-alcohol dance club for teenagers.

The name combines "cola" and "discoteque".

Soon, they began to attract seniors as their main customers.

The cover charge is only about one U.S. dollar, just a fraction of what younger South Koreans pay for fashionable nightclubs in other parts of Seoul.

It's important that colatecs are low cost, too, as many retired South Koreans don't have it easy.

The poverty rate among the country's elderly is four times the OECD average.

Life in South Korean retirement might not be perfect.

But for many of these disco dancers, the colatec boom is offering a rare place to relax, hear some favoRrite tunes and enjoy each other's company.


Source: Times of Oman,