Trump demands border action as 'caravan' approaches U.S.

As a so-called "refugee caravan" makes its way from Central America to the United States, President Donald Trump renewed his calls Monday for Congress to act on immigration, urging lawmakers in a tweet to "use the nuclear option if necessary."

As President Trump gets more aggressive with calls for Congress to act on immigration, a caravan of more than 1,200 Central Americans is making its way through Mexico towards the U.S. border.

Trump wants the caravan stopped - and called on Mexico sunday to halt the flow, threatening in a tweet to kill NAFTA if Mexico doesn't.

The episode, adding pressure on Trump, who is already feeling heat from hardliners in his own party disappointed with progress so far to tighten the border.

Trump urged Congress Monday to pass immigration policy by any means necessary.

And at the white house easter egg roll, trump took the opportunity to air his grievances with the DACA program which protects so-called Dreamers, that Trump moved to end last year .


"The Democrats have really let them down. They really let them down. It's a shame. A lot of people have taken advantage of DACA. It's a shame."

Trump made hard-line immigration policies a centerpiece of his campaign, but so far he has failed to sell Congress on his border a giant wall from the pacific to the gulf remains unfunded for now.


Source: Times of Oman,